For over 50 years we have been designing and developing products for the furniture, nautical, fashion and automotive sectors.
Architects, contract designers, interior designers and textile publishers rely on our collections for their projects. Our range offers a complete proposal for every sector of use.
We are pleased to present you the variety of our production.

novartiplast italia

Novartiplast Italia Spa, production of synthetic leathers, is an offshoot of Artiplast, a company founded in 1953, specialized in electro-welding, which in 1963 started coating cardboard with PVC. In 1964 the coating activity was transferred to Novartiplast. In 1970, new coating lines were installed and its range of products was also expanded with the use of polyurethanes.

In 2004, the process of incorporating three group companies into a single structure was undertaken, acquiring their technical skills and redefining the various sectors of use of the products developed. In this regard, with the aim of maintaining a link with the history of the group, it was decided to name the various reference sectors with the names of the incorporated companies. This was the beginning of the Fipel products (Automotive), the Speri Tesint products (Footwear and leather goods) and the Novartiplast products (Furniture and Nautical). Production unification was completed in 2005, thus concentrating the best technologies in the NOVARTIPLAST ITALIA SPA structure, into the only production site located in Cogliate (MB).

Today we are among the first international companies producing PVC and Polyurethane coated fabrics, commonly referred to as ”synthetic leathers”. Our company is recognized for its service, quality and flexibility.

This new reality was further enhanced with the expansion of the warehouse, with new machinery for coating, finishing and research and development. The installation of a latest generation photovoltaic system and the choice to replace the main raw materials with what is more sustainable in our industry have seen us pioneers in the use of phthalate-free plasticizers since 2012.

Now the company has an important research laboratory and the production covers several product sectors, such as furniture, nautical, automotive and fashion, where within the latter we find footwear, leather goods and clothing.

One of the most important advantages is the stock service policy, introduced since 2005 for the vast majority of products offered in the various divisions. In continuous evolution, the multifaceted collections are the result of the synergies between the various divisions and the experiences achieved over the years.

Our products are to be found on various international markets and testify to a high degree of taste and refinement typical of Made in Italy; an absolute value, recognized around the world.

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In our post-modern era, the production of raw materials is strongly influenced by factors such as: efficiency, costs and speed, often at the expense of the environment. Now more than ever, we at Novartiplast are careful to use materials that do not harm the environment. We dedicate part of our research and development to the integration of organic raw materials of plant origin and “bio-attributed”, in order to offer a product with a reduced environmental impact. We focus increasingly more on the use of recycled and bio-based raw materials, with the aim of creating new products that derive as much as possible from a circular economy.

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