The synergies between the divisions: furniture, nautical, automotive and fashion, allow positive product grafts between one sector and another. Today more than ever we are attentive to fashion trends as well as to the more technical industry, in order to respond promptly to the increasingly demanding requirements of international markets.

Service, Quality as well as Flexibility and Creativity are the main concepts that summarize the current company philosophy.


In addition to quality control, the internal laboratory nurtures research and development where all new products are conceived. Colours, appearances and technical characteristics are evaluated and tested before moving on to the industrial production stages. After careful selection, the raw materials are expertly mixed to give life to the coating compounds that actually characterize the first phase of synthetic leather processing. The finishing involves the main stages of production, guaranteeing the product a high added value. The prints allow giving the spread mix the required customization effects. The embossing allows the surface to be structured with motif engravings. The continuous tumbler and the drums allow the finishing of the fabric with various degrees of softness and touch. The laboratory instrumentation allows precise control tests to be conducted, guaranteeing high quality standards. At the end of the production cycle, the material passes to quality control, where it is checked and packaged before being shipped.

With the available equipment it is possible to reach a production capacity of about 15,000 metres per day. We believe that continuous improvement is necessary to maintain efficiency, quality and service in the world of coated fabrics, a sector that has always been characterized by fierce competition.


Systems in use

  • 2 coating lines with 4 heads (1 dedicated to Polyurethane, 1 dedicated to phthalate free PVC)
  • 1 latest generation continuous tumbler
  • 6 tumblers
  • 2 printing machines
  • 3 embossers (2 for cylinders, 1 for paper)
  • 1 punch machine
  • Internal laboratory equipped with the main instruments necessary for pre-certification tests as well as for all mechanical and physical controls
  • Quality control consisting of 5 semi-automated machines
  • Automated roll packaging
  • PVC colour and compounds preparation department
  • PU colour and compounds preparation department
  • Finished product warehouse
  • Raw materials warehouse
Certificato-ISO-IT-16438  Certificato-ISO-725